Your Soul is Always Guiding You

Dear friends,

I hope you’re well and enjoying the start of spring!

It feels like a beautiful time of rebirth after an extended period of heaviness. In keeping with this renewal, I co-taught a beautiful in-person workshop in Vancouver with soul-aligned collaborators, Taslim Jaffer and Jenine Reverente.

We had wonderful participants, in a stunning space alive with beautiful greenery. From the soil to the seeds to the sun, we worked our way to BLOOM using the tools of yoga, self-enquiry and writing.

Taslim, Jenine and I are already discussing dates for our next in-person event in September. Stay tuned!

As I find the light myself, I reflect back on my own period of darkness, where nothing felt like it was blooming. No matter how much water I metaphorically poured, nor how much I nourished my dreams and projects, the buds lay determinedly in the soil.

I had to dig deep into my resourcefulness in order to keep on going.

My mantra became: “I’m growing bamboo” as I leaned into faith and the belief that whatever was being created required a strong foundation.

A friend later told me that bamboo is really difficult to get rid of. It was a  suitable match for my theory that I was creating something that would last for generations.

As my buds are only starting to bloom, I’m still not sure of what’s coming forth. But I’m choosing to enjoy the first shoots and to delight in the surprise.

Life Coach in Vancouver

Which takes me to this month’s topic, on Soul Guidance

The more deeply I go into life, the more I realise that it's about connecting to our Soul on the highest level.  

In times of challenge, when we can’t consciously understand the path in which our lives are leading, we have to lean into our Souls- trusting that it knows the way.

During my own Dark Night, I often railed at the lack of light and clear direction.

But it’s a call for a change of direction- instead of upwards, to look profoundly within.

To examine our deeply-held beliefs and have the courage to see if they still fit. 

To wrestle with anything that felt uncomfortable and to choose what feels most aligned.

To let go of our ego and come wholly from our truth.

To let in the new.

To trust the deepest part of ourselves, about learning to align with the process, trusting that our Soul is guiding us to where we're meant to be.

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