YOU Are the Light

If everything seems dark, look again, you may be the light


Dear friends,

I hope you’re well and having a beautiful summer.

As we emerge back into this new season, so full of light, it mirrors my own process of finding light again.

I have been through incredible challenges before, but this last period has felt like the path was so much darker.

Previously, even during hard times, I could throw my wishes out to the Universe and they would be fulfilled- sometimes within hours.

Or I could always get some kind of affirmation that I was on the right track- a bit of good news here, wishes materializing there. 

But during my Dark Night of the Soul, I often got no response at all.

It was so hard to know if I was making the right decisions in service of my dreams. I didn’t know whether to go left, right, go forward or give up and change course entirely.

But that’s the point of Dark Nights. 

In the darkness, the only answer is to go deep within and get to know the wishes of our SOUL.

Our Souls are always talking to us, via yearnings about our deepest desires, about what brings us joy or where our boundaries may have been crossed. 

All of this is guidance- our Souls are already showing us the way.  We simply listen and follow.

We truly ARE the light. 

We choose to trust our inner wisdom with every decision we make.

We give ourselves clarity at every fork in the road. 

We give ourselves certainty when the path ahead looks unsure. 

We dig deep and learn to trust deeply in the path, even if there is no clear direction in sight.

We simply have to trust that it’s leading us to that highest greatest vision we have for ourselves and for our lives.

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