During a time when I was trying to figure out next steps in my personal and professional life, Jobina offered insightful advice and continuous support which empowered me to transform my thinking habits and daily actions. Through my journey in working with her as a professional life coach, I became more in tune with myself and realized the power of positive thinking as well as the array of opportunities that I have to choose from. Her natural talent in connecting with her clients on a human level while drawing from her own personal experiences make her a coach that is not only easy to open up to, but also one who is invested in your goal achievements and progress. Jobina is trustworthy, intuitive, organized and attentive, which make her such a pleasant coach to work with and receive feedback from, to the extent that you wish your program would not come to an end. After completing her sessions my approach to living life is far less rigid, my mind and physical space is less cluttered and I am empowered to make changes in all areas of my life without feeling any boundaries.

Lana B., 34, Vancouver, Canada

I met Jobina by what I can only describe as pure fate.  We connected through a powerful women-centric international organization and immediately connected.  I truly feel like there was a reason why Jobina came into my life at this moment.  I was in a very transitory point in my life, not sure what direction to take and where to focus my energy.  It was during a period where I felt absolutely “stuck” and could not decide how to move forward.  From my simple exchanges with Jobina to our in-depth layer-peeling sessions, I felt so inspired and excited to start pursuing a direction.  Jobina gave me a lot to think about, but offered a refreshing and new perspective.  Exploring my journey and the different options being presented in my life with Jobina was really insightful.  It was very easy to express myself to her and to explain and explore where my hesitation was coming from and what was causing it.
As an end result, Jobina offered me a different approach to my situation.  And through the questions that she asked and the digging that she did, which was perhaps the most helpful, I understood more about my hesitation in decision-making.  Since then, I have accepted a job in another country and am moving in a few short weeks!  The clarity that came from speaking with Jobina was a large driving force in the decisions that led me to this next chapter!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jobina!!  Keep inspiring others the way you have inspired me!
Dijana S., 26, Paris/USA

Jobina has a vibrant and bubbly energy that has inspired me to be more authentic. She truly has listened to me and supported me in becoming the best version of myself.

Her joy and energy are contagious! This combined with Jobina’s listening, deep questioning and “on the ball” understanding, make her a powerful coach.

I highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning how to dance with life.

Juan CT., 29, Colombia/ USA

Jobina is a fantastic coach. Friendly, empathetic with a soothing, encouraging tone, she identifies the source of your problems and helps you to deal with them by feeling them first and then works with you to come up with an action plan to move you onto the right track. You have to put the work in too, but Jobina is there for you every step of the way with supportive checkins and a motivating hand to allow you to move forward in the direction you want. I have no hesitation in recommending wonderful Jobina! 

Victoria P., 39, London, UK

Jobina is a skillful coach who, with her insightful questions and wonderful listening skills, helped me pinpoint the areas in my life that were holding me back from my full potential.  Through her step-by step plan and unwavering encouragement I was able to clear the dark areas of my life and go after my dreams- in my full power.  My life literally changed and I started to manifest the life I had always wanted.  Through Jobina’s coaching, my life has changed and it only keeps getting better. If you are feeling stuck in your life and want to reach your full potential then I highly recommend Jobina as your next coach! 

Maggie C., 29, Berlin/USA

Jobina is a very intelligent listener. I feel taken seriously by her and very free to speak in depth. She made me aware of things I was too sad to see and she decoded my personal frustrations into possibilities. Her innate spontaneity and lightness makes it less scary and hard to deal with difficulty in your own life. She asked questions that really got me started to renew and rethink and reorient myself in a mature and independent way.

Mariangela T., 39, Berlin, Germany

Jobina expertly and gently led me to the answers I already had within. Without telling me what to do she guided me with the perfect questions to uncover the answers myself.

I found her patience, wisdom, understanding and empathy really helpful. I really feel like she has a knack for applying her knowledge in each situation. Her own life experiences helped her to empathise with what I went through. But the difference is, she really listened. And she gave me guidance and comments based on exactly what my issues were. Her follow-up in sending me emails and articles that were completely relevant also really helped me.

Also, literally everyone else, including my Mum, was telling me to snap out of it and that I should just start to move on. Jobina was one of the first/only people who said that it’s ok to feel how I’m feeling and to allow myself to process things in my own time.

She helped to me to feel normal about how I’m feeling about things.

Christine V. , 38, London, UK

I love the work that Jobina is doing, she has a gift- her passion and ability to identify the good in people.

From the first day I met her there has been an energy about her. She is the kind of person who is always trying to do more. A day to day 9-5 existence is fine for some, but others want to excel within that environment and then find some other area within which to challenge themselves on evenings and weekends.

That energy in itself is contagious and a wonderful thing- energy really does breed energy. Through that energy and passion for life Jobina inspires people to do a bit more and push themselves. She inspires her clients to go an extra 2 or 3 miles.

Neil Y., 35, Scotland

Jobina has been my coach for two years now and she is amazing!

I can fully be myself and I feel completely at ease with her. For me, this is a perfect starting point for creating wonderful results. After each session I’m closer to myself and very happy that I’m back in contact again with what I really want in life.  Jobina works from her heart. I have so many insights after every session with her. I feel rich, very grateful and privileged to have Jobina as my coach.

In difficult or challenging moments and times, Jobina is right beside me and supporting me as long as I need. I can rely on her- she is thoroughly there for me! I find this deeply touching. She always has the right words and she has perfect timing. She has a lot of powerful therapeutic tools as well, and the benefits for me are great. Jobina is in a natural way a very qualified and professional coach, who works from her intuition. This work fits her perfectly. In my vision she is born for this work.

With Jobina’s help, I’m freeing myself from a lot of old limiting patterns and I am enjoying life far more now. I can feel a huge difference within 2 years.

These sessions are very empowering for me. Together, we have incredible results. I look forward to our coaching sessions each and every time.

Jobina is very wise and pure. I can say that for me her coaching is priceless. As I look back the last two years there are a lot of positive changes, results and breakthroughs. I could only dream of this before working with Jobina.

Her coaching is inspiring and all the commitments, knowledge and encouragement have lead me to a fantastic job. My new self-confidence feels great and powerful.

I really honestly recommend Jobina to everyone who wants to grow; if you are looking for the next step in your life or if you feel there is more and you love the adventure of the inner process. She can also offer huge help if you are running in circles or if you are feeling challenged in life.

I hope and wish that you have the same beautiful experience with her as I have.

Riet S., 59, Netherlands

It has been so great to talk to Jobina about the growing pains of jumping head-first into a new relationship and new life. I really valued her perspective and thoughts because she understood both sides…being in a relationship and being a totally independent, do-it-yourself woman really well. She could identify with what struggles and compromises that this might lead to. Not everyone has that. Some people have been in a relationship so long, or always jumped between them, that they can’t quite identify with the struggles of independence. Her guidance isn’t/wasn’t biased towards just what I wanted, which is of course necessary and very thoughtful of the bigger picture. 

Amanda F., 35, Malta/USA

Working with Jobina has been a transformative experience. With deep wisdom, knowledge and insights, Jobina has brought much clarity to my personal, professional and love paths. I highly recommend working with her.

Sarah B., 38, Vancouver, Canada

Jobina inspires me daily, she pushes me to stretch beyond my limits. When I am doubting myself, she is there cheering me on from the sidelines reassuring me that I am not crazy and I can achieve anything I put my mind to. She reminds me of the spiritual side of things and helps me keep the big picture at the forefront of my thoughts. She calls me out on my sh*t and always remind me that anything is possible.

Emmeline N., 34, Canada/United States

Jobina truly understands “the journey.” Whatever that thing is in life that you are striving for, she understands what you are going through to try to get there. She is kind, sensitive, compassionate and above all a great mentor – especially in nurturing your creative soul and keeping you true to your path and to yourself.

Ray W., 36, Filmmaker, Toronto/LA

***Names have been edited to protect clients’ privacy



Workshop Miracles

Feedback from my Miracles Workshops

I wanted to share my excitement about your Miracle workshop’s results – it’s had a much more lasting impact than I even hoped/expected in that following my universe signal (the colour blue) which came to me on that day in the cafe (odd, as I tend to avoid that colour) I am finding new awesome opportunities.
I thought it was important to give you that feedback: your workshop’s impulse has really impacted a lot! I now have blue painted toenails and my feet seem to magically lead me in the right direction. So thank you, thank you for that!

Addie, Germany

Jobina has the most amazing positive, high vibration energy and elegantly weaves exercises, hands-on suggestions, quotes and tips into her workshops. She shares her personal story and inspires you to open up to the magic of manifesting Miracles. I loved it!

Emeli, Sweden/Germany

Thank you Jobina, for articulating another possible path I could take, to actively take charge of my life, and to bring joy, hopefulness and love into my everyday. I don’t want to be just a passenger in my life and these tools will help me to recognise where I can choose otherwise. It’s been really helpful, and I was meant to be here today.

Jessica, Australia/Germany

A beautiful experience of connection and inspiration, having a clear feeling for what is already actually there in me and around me- trust, strength, connection, curiosity, clarity, desire for new experiences. I feel strengthened!

Hanna, Sweden/Germany

I really enjoyed the workshop! I learned a ton and am excited to apply it. Thanks so much- you’re an amazing and inspirational human.

Natalie, USA/Germany

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