The challenge is not to be perfect... it's to be whole.

~Jane Fonda

Dear friends,

I hope you and your loved ones are all well and happy!

This month, my focus in our wholeness. It’s one of my favourite topics to share about.

In life, we spend so much time fixing what we think needs to be fixed within ourselves. Or striving to become a better person.

We hide what we believe to be our flaws. We downplay our fears, our shame, our hurts and our anger- the rainbow of emotions that we refer to as our shadow selves.

We hide what we think is the messy side of ourselves.

But in truth, this is what it means to be WHOLE. Our beautiful, perfectly imperfect whole selves.

The inner work can be incredibly challenging. But the prize lies in deeply getting to know ourselves and integrating both our shadows and our light.

It’s easy to be in the light- in places of ease, joy and excitement. It's more scary to dig into our shadows- where we feel scared, angry, hurt, ashamed or sad.

But our shadows are actually like a box of jewels- they teach us more about ourselves than even our light. In connecting to our deepest inner landscape, we meet the core of ourselves. And in dancing with our shadows, we learn to transcend them, rather than stay stuck in them.

We become more powerful- we become WHOLE.

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