It’s time to come home

Dear friends,

I hope you and your loved ones are all well and happy!

I am amazed by how quickly 2023 is already flying by! It feels like life just gets speedier every year.

I know that so many of us are still feeling challenged right now.. So many of us are going through transitions- both planned and unplanned. The shake-up over the past few years has caused us to question our values and what we stand for, our relationships (including with ourselves) and the work we do. We've also experienced a lot of uncertainty, which has led many of us to lose faith in life and in our dreams. 

In times like these, the most powerful thing you can do is to go within. Your heart already knows the answers before you have even asked.

Our heart is the doorway to our emotions, to the deepest part of ourselves on a soul level. They show us the path to who we truly want to be and what we want most in our lives. 

Many people are scared to feel the uncomfortable emotions like grief, anger, sadness and hate. But it’s these places of discomfort that show us where we need to make change.

Take the time today to sit with all your feelings, to DEEPLY connect with yourself. Put your awareness on anything that feels frustrating, makes you sad or angry, and anything you yearn for.

Then, take one baby step in service of changing this. Maybe it’s:

  • taking a new course towards a more fulfilling career
  • creating new and more aligned relationships
  • having a tough but much-needed conversation with someone in order to be clear on your boundaries
  • starting a new hobby- something that sets your soul on fire

Whatever you choose, the point is to honour your own needs. Let this time of discomfort show you the path towards what your soul craves. Let it be an invitation home.

Sending you all so much love and warmth as we navigate our transitions, 

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