And then finally.....

Shift Happens

In 2010, I moved back to Vancouver. Now I had the safety net of my family, (thank you Mon & Dad for welcoming me back home and not charging me rent). I could finally focus properly on my health.

The game changer is still one of the biggest gifts I have ever received.

The Dancer’s Transition Resource Center in Vancouver supported me with a therapist who specialized in working with dancers.

FINALLY! Someone who understood my training and my conditioning! Who understood how I had developed my fears. What a relief!

And she could guide me back towards healing. Back to myself.

My A-HA moment came when I understood that the source of my challenges was: ME.

I thought my injury was a small physical thing that I needed to fix and then I would be okay and dancing fine! However, the problem was created in my mind.

That’s really when my healing began – in my mind!


Taking Back My Power

Remember that little voice engrained in my dance training: you’re not good enough. Yeah, she was loud and fierce. I let her get the best of me.

I had been sabotaging myself with my negative thinking and refusal to believe in myself.

I had allowed myself to believe that I wasn’t good enough, and that was reflected in the way I constantly hid as a dancer.

I was giving up my power by waiting for validation from everyone else- teachers, choreographers, the audience, critics and even the mirrors in the studio. I needed to take back my own power, to decide FOR MYSELF who and what I wanted to be. 

I had to stop comparing myself constantly to everyone else (what a waste of energy!). I needed to take responsibility and focus on myself.

I had to learn to set my own goals and develop a healthier way of working towards them.

I needed to own my self-worth. I learned that deep-down, we all feel that we are deeply flawed. It’s human nature. But I could let go of this. I am as worthy as I choose to be.

I had to stop allowing my fears control me. I thought that I was a worse artist because I had more fear than the people I compared myself to. But this only meant that I had more fear. It was a simple as that.

So I decided, enough was enough! Enough with perfectionism! Enough of tearing myself apart! Enough of holding myself back so that I wouldn’t stand out.

It was time for a new way.


My Own Light

Looking back, it was no wonder I kept getting injured over and over again. With my obsession with perfection and no-pain-no-gain attitude, I was literally destroying myself from the inside.

I had invested so much time and effort in believing in my unworthiness and in my fears. Imagine what I could have achieved if instead, I had used all that energy to believe in myself and to focus on doing good work?

It was time to let myself make mistakes. I had to learn to take the risk of failing.

Most importantly, I learned not to be afraid of my “darkness.” Those places I was most afraid to go deep within myself? It turned out that they were full of light. Hidden there was all my artistry, all the wonderful things about me as a dancer and an artist.

I accept that this was my journey, and I resolved to make the next chapter better.

The result: slowly but surely, I was able to gracefully put one foot in front of the other.

I started dancing again. I was making great work.

I thought I was on my way!  Halleluljah, this period was behind me and I could live freely from now on!

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