From Dancing to Flying

From Dancing to Flying

In 2001, I graduated from professional dance school. I was FINALLY done, and SO HUNGRY to be on my way.

I was ready to wander. I was aching to see what the rest of the world could offer me in terms of life and dance experience.

I moved to London (UK) to pursue my life-long dream of being a dancer in an international city – a city I loved and would call home for eight years.

The dream that took root when I was three years old was finally about to start. It was all coming together!

THIS would be my big break! My time was NOW!

And Then Back to Crawling

I got injured just six weeks after moving to London. 

It was devastating. I woke up one morning, in incredible pain and I could barely walk.

I was SCARED. How did this happen, literally overnight?

The previous day, I had been dancing beautifully. Now I could barely get out of bed.

I’d come to London to have my big break and instead I was knocked off my feet.

I was in a foreign country without the support structure of family or dance school, and I didn’t know how to deal with it. And I still had to make a living.

WHAT was I going to do NOW?!

It turned out that I had twisted my pelvis. I thought that maybe with a few sessions of physio, I would be back on my feet. How wrong I was. I had no idea how deep my challenges were.



The next eight years became a round of visits to different healers, trying to “fix” my body.

But nothing was working. I twisted my pelvis another five times (OUCH!) and other injuries followed.

I was overwhelmed and frustrated all the time. I felt really alone and scared, and had no idea how to get the help I needed.

I started to wonder if I was ever meant to heal. Maybe this was the end of the road for me and my dreams?

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At my rock-bottom moment my injuries were so bad that I had barely slept in the past year, could barely eat, and I was in constant pain.

I was so angry that my body was betraying me. I was exhausted and frustrated that nothing seemed to help.

I had run out of ideas on how to get better. That rock-bottom day crawling on the floor, I just remember thinking:

“there has to be an easier way.”

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