Dear Miracle-Makers,

I hope you’re all well and staying safe in this unique time. 

This is a time of great transition in the world. Our hearts are asking us to slow down and  to come together as a global community in order to protect each other and our Earth.

This is an opportunity to turn inwards and to re-evaluate your values and how you are expressing them. Are you living in alignment with yourself, people around you, animals and the Earth itself? If not, what needs to change? And what within you is begging to be birthed- it could be greater connection, a shift in career to something that fills your heart, new love, emotional stability, a new expression of creativity or a new reverence for life itself.

I pray that humanity will come out of this stronger and more connected than ever.


In light of the current circumstances, my videos in March were all about Uncertainty. Life is full of uncertainties, and this is the opportunity to find stability within yourself. Check out my videos to learn how to shift from fear of Uncertainty to embracing and even welcoming it.

Online Movement Class: Flowing with Uncertainty
Sundays at 10 am PST (starting this Sunday April 6th)
via Facebook Live and Instagram 

In thinking of ways to support people at this time, I decided to offer a free movement class series, to be streamed online live via Facebook and Instagram.
These classes will help you to get grounded so you can stay more calm in this challenging time, as well as to be able to respond with mental and emotional flexibility to this fluid situation. I will be sharing my own movement practices for opening up your muscles and joints, and therefore your breath. By connecting to your body and finding your own center, you will become the predictability you are looking for in these uncertain times.Please join us and feel free to spread the word!!

Kundalini & Gold Reiki

Offered online/over the phone 45-minute session, regularly $28.88 each or $22.22 for members of my community

The space has finally opened up for me to offer 1:1 reiki sessions, which can be delivered online!! I am so excited to be able to share this beautiful energy healing with all of you!! I have specifically priced these sessions to make it accessible to everyone. 
Kundalini Reiki is an awakening of life-force energy, perfect for anyone trying to manage burnout or needs to reconnect back with their body.
Gold Reiki is a beautiful, warm and nurturing energy that is particularly help for clearing out fears, overwhelm and stress. 
My current clients have reported back to me that they have woken up the day after the treatment with feeling energized, chilled-out and with less physical aches than normal. Please do get in touch with me to book your sessions!
1:1 Coaching

As always, I am ever here if anyone needs coaching support.

Goodies from my community!

“Beyond the Studio”- 5-week online course for creatives with Meredith Kalaman & Akeisha de Baat
Classes are pay what you can.
Suggested $5 per class or $45 for the full 5 weeks.
Give what you can, if you can.
Contact Meredith Kalaman to register: [email protected]
*If money is tight please reach out to Meredith and she will be happy to chat with you about what else is possible.

Meredith Kalaman, who many of you may remember from “Sex, Style & yourSelf” earlier this year, has created a wonderful course with fellow dancer and bodyworker Akeisha de Baat. I am taking it myself and it is truly a gift created with the depth, wisdom and sensitivity of two beautiful artists.
Amidst the changes that are taking place right now and adjustments we are each making to daily life ~ Akeisha and Meredith decided to create a way to share some of the tools they have worked with in their lives as creators, as humans, in their relationships with ourselves and others and in their pursuits to thrive in the things that matter most to each of them and to those around them.

They have created a 5 week online course to support mental and physical well being during this time of change. They have tools and  wish to share them with you. Some of these tools are to keep your creative practice going, your mind at ease, your heart happy and your body moving, while staying connected to each other. 
Classes are open to anyone that has a creative practice and wishes to be a part of a community, integrating the body and the mind as whole thriving parts of our creative selves. Classes will be held live on Zoom so that everyone can participate as one connected group. 
There are 2 classes per week for 5 weeks, running every Monday and Friday at 12noon PST.  The classes have already started, but you can still join in and get the recordings of previous classes.

Holly Middleton: Movement Coach at Flow Movement Therapy

Many of you will know Holly as an integral part of our Miracle Monday community. She is a masterful and compassionate movement coach, who I have learned so much from.
She is hosting daily fantastic Facebook lives from her personal page on topics such a good feet, knee and shoulder function (my shoulders and knees are already feeling way better after doing the exercises in her lives!). She also has a fantastic YouTube channel.
Holly is taking 1:1 clients and now working online. If you’re wanting to feel better in your body and improve your functionality, I highly recommend working with Holly.

Counselling with Nashina Merani Miranda
[email protected]

My friend Nashina is a Student Counsellor working independently towards the end of her practicum. She is offering sessions online/via the phone for anyone who needs support right now.
Perhaps these recent events have instigated some reflection. Often, having someone hold emotional space while navigating new, or old, terrain can be helpful. Not to mention healing and encouraging to do something new and different.
As Nashina is still training, the cost will be less than sessions with someone fully certified, but you still receive the highest quality of support. Please feel reach to reach out to Nashina-  I trust and have total confidence in her.

**Please note that I am not receiving any kind of payment if you work with any of these wonderful beings. I simply wish to share the amazing work that people in my community are offering, particularly at this time, for anyone who resonates. May their work be of service to you.

Wishing you and your loves ones health and calm during these times.

Warm wishes,


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