Dear Miracle-Makers,
I hope you’re all well and staying safe in this unique time. 

As we continue in this time of change and uncertainty, it’s important to keep Faith that this process is unfolding for our highest, greatest good. I do believe that our lives were moving too quickly, and in an unsustainable way. We’ve put too much pressure on ourselves to do more, and on our planet Earth to sustain us no matter what, and this feels like a wakeup call to be living more consciously. 
Are you making any changes in your life to live a life that is more connected with others and our Earth? I would love to know!!


My videos in April were about choosing Love over Fear. 
It’s easy to keep Faith when times are good. The challenge comes in keeping the Faith in times of what feel like darkness. But this is when we need to dig deep and find our TRUE, unshakeable faith. The one that reminds us that somehow, everything will be alright.
In times where you are feeling lost or confused, trust that you don’t need a clear direction- you can keep walking without one. The last 7 years of my life have been been full of uncertainty and things not materializing. I had to learn to take steps in the darkness, and find a deep faith that somehow things would work out. Looking back, it’s a beautiful process of getting closer to myself- I became the person I could unconditionally count on when I couldn’t see the light. Walking in the dark is an art- one that takes immense faith, trust, patience and courage. The beauty is that when you master the ability to walk in the dark, walking in the light is easy. 

Check out my videos to learn more!

Online Movement Class: Flowing with UncertaintySundays at 10 am PST via Facebook Live and Zoom
Zoom: Please message me for link & password

In thinking of ways to support people at this time, I decided to offer a free movement class series, to be streamed online live via Facebook and Instagram.
These classes will help you to get grounded so you can stay more calm in this challenging time, as well as to be able to respond with mental and emotional flexibility to this fluid situation. I will be sharing my own movement practices for opening up your muscles and joints, and therefore your breath. By connecting to your body and finding your own center, you will become the predictability you are looking for in these uncertain times.Please join us and feel free to spread the word!!

Kundalini & Gold Reiki

Offered online/over the phone45-minute session, regularly $28.88 each or $22.22 for members of my community

The space has finally opened up for me to offer 1:1 reiki sessions, which can be delivered online!! I am so excited to be able to share this beautiful energy healing with all of you!! I have specifically priced these sessions to make it accessible to everyone. 
Kundalini Reiki is an awakening of life-force energy, perfect for anyone trying to manage burnout or needs to reconnect back with their body.
Gold Reiki is a beautiful, warm and nurturing energy that is particularly help for clearing out fears, overwhelm and stress. 
My current clients have reported back to me that they have woken up the day after the treatment with feeling energized, chilled-out and with less physical aches than normal. Please do get in touch with me to book your sessions!

1:1 Coaching

As always, I am ever here if anyone needs coaching support.

Warm wishes to all of you,

xx Jobina

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