Hello Miracle-Makers!!

I hope you’re all well and thriving!!! 

It’s amazing that we’re already in June and halfway through the year!! It’s been lovely seeing the world wake up into sunshine, after what felt like a looooong winter. I’ve seen this in people as well- coming back to the fold after a long period of self-development and growth. I’m curious to see how things will begin to manifest themselves into our reality.

My topic for May was another of my favourites: your relationship with YOURSELF. Your relationship with yourself is the foundation for everything-, including how you sit with yourself, how you go out into the world, and how you connect with people.

Cultivating a strong relationship with yourself is the most powerful game-changer there is. THIS is where you get to know yourself- your needs, wants, dreams and passions. You also develop greater awareness of your conditions, your patterns and sabotages, and your self-imposed limitations.

And then you can consciously choose to keep what serves you and to let go of what does not. When you are at ease and at peace with yourself, your whole life flows easily from there. Things come naturally to you, you connect authentically and deeply with others, synchronicities abound, and life feels juicy….

I’ve created these videos to help you to connect more deeply with yourself and to slide easily into the flow of life:

Accountability and Integrity
People often tell me that they are amazing with their accountability to other people, but not at all to themselves. Learn to shift this and then step into your greatest power.

The Power of Aligned Decision-Making

Your Relationship with Yourself as Self-Care

Your Relationship with Yourself

I do hope these videos are of service to you! I would love to know how they helped you, and if they opened doors to new possibilities for you!

Upcoming Workshops
Albert Einstein said that: “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a Miracle, or as though everything is a Miracle.”

With that in mind, I launched my new monthly workshop series, Miracle Mondays- designed to radically shift your thinking! I am so thankful to the wonderful participants who joined my launch workshop in May, and so bravely dove into the topic of Decision-making. I am still in awe of how deeply we went.

Please join me at future Miracle Mondays. They take place on the 2nd Monday of each month (except for August):

The next date and topic is:
Monday July 8th
The Inner Work

Sending you all blessings for a Miracle-filled June.

Warm wishes,


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