You’re not Lost, You’re Transforming

Major shifts are happening Things are changing Doors are opening

Dear friends,

I hope you’re well.

I’ve been talking on socials about the in-between space- where our old self is gone but our new one is still birthing.

So many of us feel stuck in the limbo of life right now- wanting with our whole hearts to be fully living in our highest vision for ourselves and yet it hasn’t yet materialized.

It's so easy to feel lost, without a sense of direction or purpose.

It makes us question our belief in life.

It makes us question whether our dream will ever come true.

The uncertainty of not knowing, the impatience of wanting to move on. It can be an exhausting wait.

But we’re not lost- we’re simply transforming.

Allow me to help you navigate this in-between.

This is when we need to take exquisite care of ourselves.

Breathe and let go.

Be in the present moment.

Find solace in small, everyday things.

Focus on what is what is meaningful to you right now.

Find JOY in that.

Find peace in not knowing and allow whatever is meant for you to come into fruition.

And KNOW that it will.

Any time you come up against fear, know that this is just an edge, showing you what you think are your own limits.

But actually, it’s the opportunity to EXPAND.

To let go of everything holding us back- the believing in our own smallness, any judgements we’ve placed on others, our lack of faith in life.

The upheaval of uncertainty guides us- often even forces us- out of our beliefs and habits, in order for our true selves to emerge.

THIS is the power of uncertainty.

Ease into it, allow the flow and TRUST that it’s leading you to your highest greatest vision.

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Are you experiencing the in-between and could use some support to navigate them?

I’ve been there before, and I would be honoured to guide you through this period and guide you to embody your own power.

Sending you all so much love and warmth,


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