My Guiding Principles

My Guiding Principles

These huge revelations led me to the work I do now, and which I am so passionate about. These are my guiding principles:

Alignment is everything. If you are working towards a goal, you need to be alignment with all these lessons. You can’t be saying that “I will create a billion-dollar company” if you don’t believe you can do it and are not actually taking steps to do it. Everything we do starts within us.

The value of positive thoughts and feelings. The way we talk to ourselves is connected to how much responsibility we take for our own lives.

Fear is a choice. This is our greatest way of taking responsibility for how we feel about ourselves, our lives and our dreams. Fear only holds as much power as we give it.

We are all deserving. I have just as much right to dance as anyone else. My feeling good about myself positively influences others around me to do the same.

Value excellence over perfection. Perfection soon becomes a dead-end, whereas excellence opens so many doors. The only person I need to compare myself against is myself, and strive to be better today than I was yesterday.

We can attract what we want. We don’t need to use willpower, try harder or make things happen.  We simply need to work with universal laws to tap into the creative energy that allows us to flow with life.

The value of integrity. Ok, this is a big one. Taking the steps to ‘be’ and ‘do’ what you said you would. Integrity aligns our words and actions, and this is the work I teach people: to be in alignment with themselves.

The power of uncertainty. We all fear uncertainty, and we try to control the situation and the outcome. I learned that uncertainty is the most powerful place of all. It’s from where we create the lives we want. Uncertainty is the place of all possibility, the space from which we create the lives we want.

Trust the process. It times of incredible challenge, it's easy to lose faith- in fact, part of the process is to do so. But for me, real change happened when I had the courage to lose sight of the shore, and trust in the person I was becoming. This is where Miracles happen.

We become an active part of creating the exceptional life we always dreamed of.

And now I have the privilege of guiding my clients through the process.

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