Hello Miracle-Makers!!!

I hope you’re well and enjoying this glorious return to sunshine!! For me, it’s been much-needed.  I feel so much more alive and in tune with life again.
With the sun, new life has been breathed into my coaching business. I started leading and teaching workshops again, and it’s been SO wonderful!! THANK YOU to all of you who joined my workshops, and with such open hearts and the willingness to go so deeply. You each uplifted my work, and it’s been amazing seeing how you have all grown since. I truly believe that we made Miracles together.
The workshops have reminded me of how much I love this work and in supporting others in their growth. I feel so incredibly privileged that I get to share about the power of choosing Love as a catalyst for changing your life.
Live Workshops

For those of you in Vancouver (or if you want to take a trip to Vancouver!), I am creating a new monthly workshop series, designed to radically shift your thinking. The core of the series is about choosing Love, and there will also be a mini-topic for each individual workshop.

This series, called Miracle Mondays, will happen on the 2nd Monday of each month, from 6-8 pm at Hycroft Manor in Vancouver.

The first one kicks off on Monday, May 13th and the topic is Decision-Making Made Easy.


Miracle Moment Videos

Thank you as well to all of you who have been watching my videos! Last month’s theme was close to my heart- on the power of Uncertainty. 

No one likes Uncertainty – it brings up so much fear and anxiety. But in fact, Uncertainty is the space of all possibility. It’s the blank canvas where you get to unleash all your colours and create the life that you have deeply been craving.  

The videos below will help you to shift your approach from fear, to whole-heartedly embracing Uncertainty as the exciting playground of all possibility!
The Power of Uncertainty 


I hope you find these videos useful!
My theme for April is Choosing Love, and you can also view videos live via my Facebook page.
Please also do let me know if there are any further topics about which I can create videos. I would love to be of service to you.I look forward to connecting more!

To making Miracles together,

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