Dear Miracle-Makers!

I’m so excited to be back in your inbox after quite a long time away!! As most of you know, I moved back to Vancouver at the end of 2017. My sister had a baby, and it felt like it was time to be closer to family. And it’s been worth it- my adorable nephew and I are now besties!! He is SOOOO cute and the great love of my life!!!

As my move back to Vancouver was very unexpected, I have also taken a “regular” job while I relaunch and grow my coaching business here. It’s been challenging to juggle everything, plus to start life over from scratch. But it has also been a rewarding time of making new connections, and creating a strong foundation for my business. Now that I am more settled, I’m finally able to come back to my newsletters!!

UPCOMING: Live Workshops:

I’m so excited to be hosting my first workshop in Vancouver this Saturday, March 9th. This is my signature self-development and manifestation workshop, which many of you in Europe already participated in. I am so looking forward to diving back into leading workshops again! I truly loved this work, and to connecting so closely with everyone.

If anyone will be in Vancouver this weekend, I still have spots available:

I will be doing more workshops on a quarterly basis, as well as more collaborations. Stay tuned for more details!

MiracleMoment videos:

My theme for the month of February was Emotional Mastery- a topic very close to my heart. The core aspect of manifestation is using the power of our emotions to create what we desire.

Our emotions give us information about our needs, desires and when our boundaries have been crossed. We need to allow ourselves to fully feel our feelings- be they feelings of love, happiness, grief, hatred or anger. It is only our judgement of anything challenging as “negative” that stops us from feeling the full spectrum of our emotions. But we need this emotional wholeness- it is the purpose of life.

When we have deep awareness of and connection to our emotions, we can also learn to harness their power to create our desires. Watch here to find out more!

Emotional Mastery: the “feeling good” that help you to get what you want:

Self-love: the most valuable jewel in our box:

Feeling good IS the manifestation:

I hope you find these videos useful!

My theme for March is Uncertainty as the Space of ALL possibility, and you can also view my videos live via my Facebook page:

Please also do let me know if there are any further topics about which that I can create videos. I would love to be of service to you.

I look forward to connecting more!

To making Miracles together,


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