Dear Miracle-Makers,

I hope you are all well and happy, and enjoying a lovely long-weekend.

I love how how spring is waking up the trees, and bringing so many beautiful colours and blooms to life. I hope you are experiencing this awakening wherever you live as well!!

Next Sunday, one of my collaborators Victoria Hodder, and I will be leading a workshop on Self-Worth. That led me to create videos on this topic (please see links below), which felt very much in alignment with spring-time.

For me, choosing to accept ourselves, love ourselves, and appreciate our own value is like a re-birth. We get to choose to think differently, to open our hearts to ourselves, and to find our true inner power. From this, we can make Miracles.

Our relationship with ourselves becomes cleaner- we listen to and honour ourselves more fully. We welcome our dreams more openly. We bring more joy to our lives and to our interactions with others. We make a bigger impact in the world.

Self-worth, to me, illuminates how change always begins on the inside of us, in order to make Miracles on the outside.

MIRACLE TIP: YOU Can Create Miracles

For me, Self-Worth is our foundation to everything in life.

I have experienced it in my life- where, as a dancer, I didn’t feel worthy- and I now realise that I was sabotaging myself with every step. While my greatest passion and most cherished dream was to dance, at the same time I was actively telling myself that I wasn’t worthy or good enough. You can read more about my story here:

Luckily, I had the support of professionals to help me see that the way I was talking to and treating myself was the source of my challenges. Today, I have completely changed the way I think, and I have become my own greatest cheerleader. I know the power of our thoughts and our feelings, and I have committed to always choose Love.

As a coach, the foundation of my work is our relationship with ourselves. When we love ourselves and know our own value, ANYTHING is possible. This is when our dreams come true.

In the videos below, I share my own journey, the power of Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love, and tips on finding them for yourself. I also emphasize the importance of trusting that we are enough as we are. We don’t need to be extra nice, or extra loving or do extra good deeds. We are worthy of love, just by being ourselves.

Please watch here to find out more!:


Self-Acceptance: The Foundation for Self-Worth:

Self-Love: Love in Action:

I hope that you find these videos helpful, and that they open a doorway to another way of seeing things. Please do get in touch and let me know!

EXCITING NEWS: Upcoming Workshops!

I am so excited to be birthing new collaborations with wonderful co-creators. If you are in Berlin, please join us!

Body Nourishing Series:
A collaboration with coach & Eurythmist Dara Cummins
April 22nd– Boundaries & Personal Energy:

Know Your Self-Worth:
A collaboration with Victoria Hodder
April 23rd:

I will be offering more workshops in Berlin throughout the year, as well as in London (UK) and Vancouver (Canada). If you live in any of these cities, please stay tuned!- I would love to have you!

If you have any feedback or would like me to address any topics in my weekly Miracle Minute or Facebook Live videos, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Sending warm wishes for a Miracle-filled week,

xx Jobina

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