Dear Miracle-Makers,

I hope you are all well and happy, and that spring is bringing you fresh energy and lovely new beginnings.

It has been a bustling beginning of 2017, with incredible opportunities to bring my work out into the world. I have been so blessed with so many doors opening for me, and wonderful new relationships being made.

In February, I led the first of my “Extraordinary Life Changer” workshops in Berlin and Hamburg. These workshops are based on my coaching work: of building a strong relationship with ourselves, and then attracting the life we desire using tools of manifestation.

I was graced with wonderful people in both workshops, many of whom are becoming good friends and inspiring collaborators. All the participants were so brave in their willingness to show up and be seen, and to make extraordinary change.

Looking back over these wondrous past months lead me to this week’s
MIRACLE TIP: Create from Love

I always feel like I have been gifted with this coaching work, and with this opportunity to help people transform their lives.

I love working in this zone of Miracles, where we start with the inner work in order to create change on the outside.

I am awed by the privilege of witnessing people’s joy and excitement as they start living the lives they want.

So for me, it was natural to have created my workshops from Love. I hope to have infused them with all the passion and joy that I derive from my work.

It has been amazing to experience what has come of creating with Love. I have been graced with outcomes beyond my highest, greatest imagination. All the workshops have been full, with wonderful and eager participants, and exciting opportunities have so easily followed. Doors have opened to wonderful new collaborations, and I have grown so much as a person.

The videos below were inspired by my experience of creating from Love. I also delved into allowing yourself to experiment in order to find what you love, and into giving yourself the time to figure it out.

Create from Love:

Permission to Play:…

Time for Yourself:…

I hope that you find these videos helpful, and that they open a doorway to another way of seeing things. Please do get in touch and let me know!

EXCITING NEWS: Upcoming Workshops!

I am so excited to be birthing new collaborations with wonderful co-creators. If you are in Berlin, please join us!

Body Nourishing Series:
A collaboration with coach & Eurythmist Dara Cummins
April 22nd- Boundaries & Personal Energy:

Know Your Self-Worth:
A collaboration with Victoria Hodder
April 23rd:

I will be offering more workshops in Berlin throughout the year, as well as in London (UK) and Vancouver (Canada). If you live in any of these cities, please stay tuned!- I would love to have you!

If you have any feedback or would like me to address any topics in my weekly Miracle Minute or Facebook Live videos, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Sending warm wishes for a Miracle-filled week,

xx Jobina

Jobina Bardai
Miracle Mentor & LIfe Coach

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