Dear Miracle-Makers,

I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well during this time.

How have these past months been unfolding for you? I hope they have been good to you, and that you have been able to find peace with our current normal.

This is certainly a time of change, which has also likely brought upheaval in your lives. Now is the time to TRUST in the Universe’s plan and timing. This situation is a portal to great changes that are coming, which I hope will result in a more equitable life for all. This is also a powerful period of letting go of thoughts, feelings and old habits that no longer serve us, in order to contribute more positively to this more equitable way of life.

Thus, this is a powerful time of POSSIBILITY. Your potential is LIMITLESS! You came into this world with dreams which you have every ability of realising. If you fully trusted that you can be and do anything, how would you show up every day? What would you be feeling, saying and doing? Think great thoughts, love yourself beyond what you thought you could, and stride confidently in the world towards your dreams.

Possibility means thinking even BIGGER!!! We are so conditioned to keep our expectations low and to expect the worst to happen, that we don’t realise that the exact opposite is just as possible. We CAN and we SHOULD expect amazing and wonderful things to happen- that is exactly how they materialize! Did deep into your courage muscles, dare to reach for those expectations, and stay open to receive them. This is how Miracles happen!!


My videos over the past few months have all been about the power of Possibility. Watch them here for more inspiration!!


Kundalini & Gold Reiki
Offered online/over the phone
45-minute session, regularly $28.88 each or $22.22 for members of my community

The space has finally opened up for me to offer 1:1 reiki sessions, which can be delivered online!! I am so excited to be able to share this beautiful energy healing with all of you!! I have specifically priced these sessions to make it accessible to everyone.
Kundalini Reiki is an awakening of life-force energy, perfect for anyone trying to manage burnout or needs to reconnect back with their body.
Gold Reiki is a beautiful, warm and nurturing energy that is particularly help for clearing out fears, overwhelm and stress.
My current clients have reported back to me that they have woken up the day after the treatment with feeling energized, chilled-out and with less physical aches than normal. Please do get in touch with me to book your sessions!

1:1 Coaching

For those of you wanting dedicated 1:1 support, I am currently taking on new clients. Please do get in touch!!

Warm wishes to all of you,
xx Jobina

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