Soul Flow Energy Therapy

Aura Readings and Energy Healing

What is an Aura?

An aura is a quality or feeling that seems to surround a person or place or to come from them.

While each person’s aura comprises layers and colors that each signify distinct things, the majority of people have a single dominating color. However, your aura can alter based on how you’re feeling. For instance, your aura will probably show a sudden change in mood brought on by your difficult work environment or an unaligned relationship. Auras can also be altered by other factors, such as sickness or physical and emotional trauma.

Auras tell us all about our life force energy and our soul purpose. As an example, the colour blue shows that you’re on a path of leadership. Purple shows mastery. Orange often comes up for healers and green for creative people. 

Having your aura read is helpful to give you insight on your path and the next steps to move forward with ease and flow.

Align Yourself With Your Soul Choices So You Can Flow More With Life.

Jobina Bardai

I’ve learned to look at all my challenges as invitations to come closer to myself. I think that once we’re able to shift our perspective, we can flow more easily.

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