Dear Miracle-Makers,

How are you? I hope you’re having a great start to September, and enjoying the changes the new season is bringing.

I am writing to you from Paris, where I am spending the week with an old friend, celebrating her birthday! I’m so grateful that I have amazing friends in my life, with whom I get to share important milestones and in such wonderful ways!

And I am so grateful to have the lifestyle I have dreamed of, and worked so hard towards, where I can travel all the time, work from anywhere, and share these milestones.

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the whole world, and such a joy to visit. I love the fashion, and the architecture, and the chance to have long, lazy lunches a la francaise!

While in Paris, #teamjobina are putting the tiny finishing touches on my new mini-course- a 7-Day Inner Journey from Overachieving to Receiving.

It’s all about helping you to connect with yourself and figure out what YOU want. And then, guiding you through the process of co-creation, where you can ATTRACT what you want.

No more using force or willpower to MAKE things happen. Instead, you will learn how to create a life that is meaningful to you, JOYFULLY and EASILY (yes, it’s possible!)

I will send out the access details in next weekend’s newsletter- I would LOVE to have all of you- my dear Miracle-makers- join me!

In the meantime, I made two videos this week. I was feeling inspired after a session with one of my clients, and made videos on two different but very-much-related topics.

And at the very bottom of this newsletter, I also have a Miracle bonus that I wanted to share! I hope you enjoy it all.


I love the clients that I get to work with. They are so passionate about their dreams, and so willing to invest the time and effort to bring them into creation.

I had a session with a client last week, where we were talking about the way we go about our lives. The way we go about creating- the HOW, has a huge impact on the outcome.

For example, if we want joy in our lives, then we need to BE joyful and open ourselves to MORE joy. We need to JOYFULLY create more joy.

The Quality of How:

We also talked out TRUST. Trusting that everything is always happening for our highest greatest good, and that there is a purpose for every situation. This is easy to do when life is going well, but so much harder to do when it’s challenging. How do maintain trust no matter what?

The Power of Trust:

Did you find these videos helpful? Please do get in touch and let me know!

EXCITING NEWS: Upcoming Workshops!

I am so excited to share about my upcoming workshops- my Miracle workshop, and the Body Nourishing Series in collaboration with Dara Cummings.

I still have space in all the workshops- please join us!

Miracle Workshops (Self-Development & Manifestation):

Thoughts Become Actions: Creation from Well-Being
Sun September 20th, 1-5 pm
Meeet Mitte
Chausseestraße 86, 10247 Berlin, Germany

Thoughts are powerful: they are the foundation from which our entire lives are created. Thoughts become feelings, which become words, which become actions.
Therefore, in order to create our most fulfilling lives, we want our thoughts to be of the highest quality.

In this workshop, we will dive into how what we are thinking about ourselves and our dreams are holding us back. And we will do concrete work on what we can do individually to embrace thoughts that support our every endeavour. 

As this workshop is limited to 16 participations, pre-registration is required. Please contact me by replying to this email to book your spot and arrange payment. I look forward to having you!

Embodiment Workshops:

Embodied Consciousness/ Body Nourishing Series:
A collaboration with self-development coach & Eurythmist Dara Cummins
Theme: Celebrating Our Bodies!
Wed September 20th, 7-9 pm
Greifs208 – Space for Personal Development
Greifswalder Str. 208
Hinterhof, rechter Seitenflügel
10405 Berlin

Dara and I are back with the Body Nourishing Series! These are 2-hour workshops designed for busy city-dwellers, inviting you to slow down and find more joy and presence in their bodies.

Go deep within and emerge feeling loved, nourished, and empowered in your body. Perfect for those of you craving a deeper connection to your bodies and yourselves!
We kick off on September 20th with Celebrating Our Bodies!
This workshop is created to explore the wonders of our bodies. Learn ways to connect with and care for your bodies, and to cultivate a sense of gratitude for all they do for us.

Cost: 22 euros per person, or bring a friend and pay 15 euros each
(Pre-registration is not required- feel free to show up on the day!)
Please arrive 15 minutes early, so that we can start on time.

Please also join us for the rest our workshops in 2017

October 18: Boundaries & Personal Energy
November 8: The Body’s Intuitive Nature
December 13: Embodying the Feminine Forces
All the Body Nourishing workshops will take place from 7 to 9 pm
at Greifs208 – Space for Personal Development
Greifswalder Str. 208
Hinterhof, rechter Seitenflügel
10405 Berlin

Miracle Bonus: Deepening your Gratitude!

I came across this fantastic video from Marie Forleo, on deepening your gratitude practice. I wanted to share it with all of you, hoping you get as much out of it as I did.…

Got gratitude fatigue? If you’re tired of the same ol’ tips on counting your blessings, watch this #MarieTV for a twist that’ll totally change how you get your grateful on.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s newsletter! If you have any feedback or would like me to address any topics in my weekly Miracle Minute or Facebook Live videos, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Sending warm wishes for a Miracle-filled week,

xx Jobina

Jobina Bardai
Miracle Mentor & Life Coach

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