Professional Education

Creative Consciousness Method Coaching Qualification;
Completion of Masters 1, 2, 3 & Mastery of Relationships
Training as a Yoga Teacher – ISHTA Method (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra & Ayurveda)
Certified in Kundalini & Gold Reiki
Student of A Course in Miracles

Personal Development

Inner/ Soul Work
The Surrender Experiment • Michael Singer
Dark Night of the Soul • Andrew Harvey
Dark Night of the Soul • Mirabai Starr
The Courageous Journey of Inner Space • Caroline Myss
Riding the Phoenix • Caroline Mys
The Beautiful Darkness • Rebecca Ives
The Self-Acceptance Summit
The Language of Emotions • Karla McLaren
Working with Shame, Not Good Enough, Perfectionism • NICABM
Optimism • Patricia MacNeill & Laura McGregor

Life Purpose/ Visioning/ Conscious Awareness
Finding Your Life’s Purpose • Eckhart Tolle
Life Visioning Mastery • Michael Bernard Beckwith
Consciousness Engineering • Vishen Lakhiani
Love or Above • Christie Marie Sheldon
Trainings with Kyle Cease
Trainings with Danielle Laporte

SynchroDestiny • Deepak Chopra
Systemic Manifesting System, including Somatic Manifestation
Ancient Manifesting Ritual & Manifestation• Sarah Prout
Manifestation • Gabby Bernstein
Manifestation • Talia Joy
Manifestation • Sarah Morgan
Conscious Manifestation • Eckhart Tolle
Mastering through your Chakras • Anodea Judith

Entrepreneurship/ Career & Money/ Abundance
Money Bootcamp • Denise Duffield-Thomas
Sacred Money Archetypes • Denise Duffield-Thomas
Awakened Millionaire Academy • Joe Vitale
Awakened Millionaire Money Mastery Intensive • Joe Vitale
Resilient Women Mastermind • Cheryl Bishop
Soulful & Successful • Violetta Pleshakova
The Law of Divine Compensation • Marianne Williamson
Creating a Career that Matters • Marianne Williamson
Abundance • Moira Shepherd
Trainings with Larry Morrison, Financial Shaman

Invoking the Romantic Mysteries • Marianne Williamson
Calling In the One • Katherine Woodward Thomas
Queen’s Code • Alison A Armstrong
Communications Secrets • Christian Carter

Feminine Power
Feminine Power Course • Claire Zammit & Katherine Woodward Thomas
Art of Feminine Presence • Jane Cormack
Feminine Strength • Merav Gur Arie
The Whole Woman Masterclass • Dunja Zigic & Violetta Pleshakova
pow’her • Almira Bardai

Embodied Neurobiology • Kalila Homann
Body Intelligence Summit
Conscious Breath • Rabia Hayek
Mindfulness • Jack Kornfield
Energy Healing • Jeffrey Allen
Advanced Chakra Wisdom • Cyndi Dale
Chakra Healing • Carol Tuttle
BioDynamic Breathwork • Giten Tonkov
Mastering Your Charge • Anodea Judith
21-Day Nervous System Tune Up • Irene Lyon
NeuroPath Reset • Mihael Mamychshvili
Healing Yourself with Your Voice • Don Campbell
The Mind Body Code • Miguel Martinez
Working with the Pain Body • Kim Eng

Grounding in the Swirl • Amber Elizabeth Gray
Coming to our Senses • Liz Koch
Training with Mary Bond
Training with Madeline Black
Core Walking • Jonathan Fitzsimmons
The SEA Method (Somatic Emotional Awareness) • Danielle Boyd
Body Mind Centering • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Body Mind Centering • Nina Wehnert

Intuitive Sacredness
The Sacred Alone • Susannah Conway
Infinite Receiving • Maru Iabichela
Cultivating Courage • Andrea Scher
Mondo Beyondo • Andrea Scher
Cultivating Wonder • Andrea Scher
Queen Sweep • Katherine North
Ascension Academy • Violetta Pleshakova
Psychic Pathway • Alison Lessard
Intuition • Sonia Choquette
Healing with Angels • Corin Grillo

Creative Courageous Year • Stephanie Levy
Life Artists •  Barbara Droubay
30 Days of Grace • Alena Hennessey
How to Craft a Daily Creative Practice • Michaela Christallo
Relevè Your Life • The Dancer’s Compass
Wonderlab • Andrea Scher
The Artist’s Way • Julia Cameron
Beyond the Studio • Meredith Kalaman & Akeisha de Baat
Breathe • Billie Hanne[