To transform your life, changes must first start inside you.

Shifts like letting go of fear, making decisions that don’t sabotage your dreams, and choosing to see possibilities (not obstacles). Suddenly you unleash Miracles in the outer aspect of your life: relationships, career, money, and health.

Miracles unleash easily and quickly when you’re working on the inside first – instead of wasting energy on a ton of random dates, sending out a heap of CVs, or doing ten thousand ab crunches – just because.

As a coach, I guide you to walk and then dance with yourself and life (even if you’re wildly uncoordinated, promise). Are you ready for the mind hack that will let you finally draw in your desired life, using tools of manifestation and Law of Attraction.

For fiercely independent visionaries who are ready for Miracles tailored just for YOU. You’ve come to the right place!

From over-achieving to receiving.  Unleashing Miracles 5 to 8 month private and group coaching programs designed to radically change how you live your life. Game changers!

Are you a determined over-achiever, who thrives on doing it all yourself? Do you believe in blood, sweat and tears, and take pride in your ability to move forward no matter the cost? But then…

Do you get lost in all the doing? Overwhelmed by all the ‘making it happen’? Forget to nurture your most important relationship – the one with yourself?

Ugh! You’ve forgotten to dance with life! You’re pushing against life and blocking the very Miracles you’re asking for. Truth bomb: If you’re aligned, ‘easy’ and ‘getting what you want’ can indeed be in the same sentence.

Unleashing Miracles – Alignment and Manifestation Programs are your doorways to new possibilities.

Why hello, self, how are you? Your relationship with yourself is the most important one in your life. It’s the foundation where Miracles are unleashed.

Who you are, and how you dance with yourself, determines the direction and outcomes of your outer life.

A strong, clear connection with yourself is vital. Greater awareness and alignment of your thoughts, feelings, words, decisions and actions will enable you to create the outcomes you desire.

I get it…you want to skip straight to the shiny, glittering Manifestation program. You want gold! I did too. No one wants to do the challenging work of mining for gold, but this is where Miracles lie.

At Unleashing Miracles, you’ll get dirty, you’ll dig deep, you’ll likely even get your ass kicked. You need a solid foundation, not fool’s gold. 

This program is a deep-dive to dance with yourself first.

  • Get clear on who you are and why
  • Gain clarity on what you value and desire most
  • Unblind your blindspots – to see new possibilities
  • Become aware of your patterns – so you can break them
  • Gain clarity to act on what you want – figure out your goals
  • Let go of what no longer serves to start manifesting your goals
  • Get your thoughts, feelings, words and actions aligned – to flow your goals
  • Learn how to become your own greatest cheerleader!

Dancing with yourself means getting clear on WHO you are and WHAT you want. Showing up for yourself like never before!

Yes, we go deep. Yes, this is your investment in yourself.

Yes, this is the time and care you have always promised yourself, to create the life you want.

Manifesting means to draw in what you want. Like magnets, like attracts like. When you are most magnetic, wonderful things come effortlessly.

Miracles already begin to manifest during the Alignment Program and you’ve got a solid foundation. The Advanced Manifesting Program is where we now supercharge your “Miracle Mindset” with even more practical and Law of Attraction tools, to co-create Miracles with life, instead of by sheer willpower (no wonder you’ve been exhausted!)

The clearer you are on the inside, the faster you can magnetize what you want on the outside. This is dancing with yourself and with life.
This is what it means to make Miracles.

Manifestation is a process, rather than an outcome. Each session is progressive, guiding you in-depth through the process and helping you to strengthen your manifesting muscles.

The highlight of my programs is that we first get you into the “Miracle Mindset” – and then you’ll surprise yourself at how easily the rest comes to you.

Topics are: 

Session 1: Miracles Start with Us (Alignment & Integrity)

Session 2: Making Miracles

Session 3: The Miracle Mindset/ Introduction to Universal Laws

Session 4: Manifesting

Session 5: Miracles Practices (Vibrational Alignment)

Session 6: Relax & Receive/ Creation from Well-Being

From manifesting Miracles over the past 20 years, and helping many clients do the same, I created this Advanced Manifesting Program. Each session involves a topic lesson, worksheet, and time to discuss how your personal manifestations are coming along and what’s next.

Willingness brings bravery – to begin, to commit, to agree to perceive things differently, and to change the way you show up in life.

Willingness makes you ready for a full-on mind hack to permit you to do the work, dig deeper and then get into connection with life.

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